A Partnership Approach

Client relationships are fundamental to the success of your business and they are fundamental to the success of ours. Every assignment – whether a one-off vacancy or a year long recruitment campaign – is built and delivered around a relationship. You may have established ways of working with recruiters and clear views on how you want to manage the relationship and we always respect that.

We have what we strongly believe is the best service on offer in professional services recruitment today. However frequently you work with us, our whole approach is based on making your life easier, respecting your budgets, your methods of working and your time.

Partnership Benefits

If you have regular recruitment needs, you may also be interested in discussing a longer term partnership with us, meaning you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Preferential Fee Rates.
  • Preferential Terms of Business.
  • Preferential advertising rates and shared advertising opportunities.
  • 100% commitment to delivery, agreed timescales.
  • Client rewards schemes – get something back for your commitment and loyalty.
  • Service Level Agreements & Charter of Services.
  • Extended services at a preferential rate or as a package deal, for example: salary reviews, employee evaluation, assessment centre, and other options.
  • Flexible payment terms.
  • Invoicing in line with your recruitment budgets and timescales throughout the year.
  • On hand, and even on-site, dedicated consultants that work only for your business.

You tell us what you need. We are always happy to discuss client requests. We want to make this partnership work.

What do we mean by Partnership?

  • Knowledge: We firmly believe that the best and most effective way to recruit is by building a detailed knowledge of your business and the way you work, your products and services and the organisational culture. This means we really understand your requirements and will deliver what you need. We tailor our services and the way we work around you.
  • Binding commitment and pre-agreed Terms of Business: At Blue Legal when we work in partnership we really do work in partnership. We will agree everything up front with legally binding agreements and commitment. Honesty and openness is what we are all about and it is fundamental to ensure we agree everything prior to initiating a partnership solution.

By discussing and agreeing your expectations and ours we will build a bespoke Service Level Agreement. As a company we have a standard Charter of Service. We always insist that multiple campaigns or a long term partnership solution is set out in detail and is a clear commitment from us to you, the client.

Terms of business will be confirmed and we are confident that any long term relationship will benefit you not only in terms of delivery but also financially.

Additional Services

We are not just a recruitment firm. In fact we provide a range of related Human Resource Services for our clients ranging from Recruitment and Selection based services such as Assessment Centres and Testing Services to assessment and training of staff (including your own internal recruiters), outplacement services and even separation based services.