About Us

A recipe for success…

Grab a mixing bowl; add one Human Resources Manager, one Head of Marketing and Business Development, one Media Magnate and throw in one Vice Principal of a challenging school (who keeps us in line…) and you have the makings of the leadership team at Blue Legal.

Back in 2001, our team were all working in high pressure corporate environments. All of us were affected by the challenge of hiring (or not hiring!) great people and the real difference it makes to a business. We were also unhappy with the “so called” recruiters around. They were either very inexperienced, purely sales orientated, hugely jaded by their organisations or they were perceived as a “necessary evil”. Because sourcing, securing and keeping talent is the main barrier to the growth of a business, we started thinking. Could we do this in a significantly better way than anyone else? Could WE be the answer to people’s prayers? We started talking…

At one particular meeting, held on a summer’s day in a meeting room lined with bright blue walls, we decided to go for it. We decided to create a new breed of consultancy: one which was run by people of experience, people with good moral fibre, people who wanted to do the right thing. The right way.

With our good eggs on board, we began the recruitment of highly experienced recruitment and sector professionals with an emphasis on collective experience in specific market areas. So we only recruit for business development, marketing, PR, events and communications roles in the legal, accountancy, property and consultancy sectors. This was a strategic move to ensure our clients and candidates would benefit from specialist recruitment methodologies and perspectives. It also played to our strengths.

This approach has worked well. By focusing on what our clients have told us they want – core experience, knowledge, flexibility and honesty – we have seen our client base grow across the UK and internationally. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our service.

The rest is history as they say! We are still growing. We love our work. We love changing the lives of our candidates and we love building our clients’ businesses through talent. We want you to love doing business with us so we continually strive to stay the number one choice for executive recruitment within professional services.