Here to make your life easier

We have listened carefully to what you have told us about the challenges you face when recruiting in professional services. We understand that:

  • you don’t have time to read through piles of CVs or screen unsuitable candidates;
  • you shouldn’t have to explain how your business works to recruitment consultants;
  • you don’t want to employ a recruitment consultant and feel like you are still doing all the work yourself.

We won’t waste your time by sending a plethora of CVs or candidates. We handpick people that really meet your brief. And we do it quickly. We are renowned for helping our clients fill challenging roles in business development, marketing, PR, events and communications, even where other recruitment consultants have failed. By employing a range of recruitment techniques we are able to spread the recruitment ‘net’ wider to capture the best talent in the market, whether they are actively looking to move or not. And because we focus on marketing and business development roles in the legal, accountancy, property and consultancy sectors, you can be sure that we understand your specialist requirements.

This means that we can reduce the stress and time you spend on recruitment, selection and assessment. We really are here to make your life easier.

To discuss how Blue Legal can help you, or if you would like to know more about us, contact us.