January 19, 2019

How much is really enough?

When considering a job offer, annual remuneration plays a key factor in the decision. Whilst this may seem obvious, it’s surprising how so many people get quickly wrapped up in this exact figure that they forget to take the time to understand their economic choices. When you start to break down a job offer in terms of what it offers, you’ll start to identify many hidden factors such as cost of living, benefits, travel which can significantly alter the figure you’ve been so focused on.

To help you put your choices into perspective, use the following guide when evaluating your potential pay and benefits package with what you’re currently earning:

Position Compensation Guide

Directions: Compare the economics of the old and new job


Regardless of where salary ranks on your list of priorities, it’s a good idea to know what you may be getting into when faced with a career decision. This will help you establish your bottom line.

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