March 20, 2018

How to prepare for a job interview

Great news, the firm you recently applied for has invited you to interview. The firm obviously recognises you have the right experience for the role, but how many other candidates are they also interviewing with similar experience? The interview is your chance to stand out from the competition – so make it count!

Your CV presented your professional experience and skill set to date – it has demonstrated you’re capable of doing the job, but the interview is now your opportunity to bring it all to life… Demonstrate how you can build upon your background to add value to the firm. Preparation is key.

Our pre interview check list will ensure you have the best chance possible of securing the position!

‘Know’ your CV. Read through your CV and pick out examples of your work that you will be able to talk enthusiastically about. Recap on your past experiences, achievements and reasons for leaving your past roles. CV questions require accurate, objective answers since it consists of facts which tend to be quantifiable (and verifiable).

Do your research. Take some time to research the company you’re interviewing with. Explore beyond the ‘About Us’ page on the company’s website – remember you’re trying to separate yourself from the competition, so you need to dig a little deeper. Find out if there is anything in the news on the company? Have they won any recent awards? Has there been a recent merger? Any significant new partners joining the company? Doing additional research is an indicator of your level of commitment to the position you’re applying for – it shows your work ethic (that you’re willing to go a bit further) and most importantly, it shows your genuine interest in the company.

Prepare answers to standard interview questions. Prepare solid answers to standard interview questions which include; ‘Tell me about yourself’ (prepare 5/6 captivating sentences describing what you do), ‘What are your 3 key strengths?’ (job/experience related), ‘What are your weaknesses?’, Why are you looking to leave your current role?’, ‘Why are you interested in the firm?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’, ‘What have you achieved in each of your roles?’ (focus on numbers/targets/projects/deliverables for example) and importantly, ‘Why do you want this job?’ (this question offers the opportunity to use your research on the firm in addition to your existing job/experience)

Dress to impress. Even if your interview is ‘just a coffee’, or the company holds a dress down policy, dress to impress for your interview. Greeting your interviewer suited and booted with a strong handshake will give a great first impression and show you’re taking the process seriously.

Ask us! Your recruitment consultant knows who you will be meeting with and having been briefed on the role by the client, they’ll know exactly what they are looking for. We’re always happy to run through your prepared answers to standard interview questions and share an insight into the company, department, role or any guidance/assistance you want!

Ask them. Prepare a couple of key questions to ask the client to enable you to show your interest and also to ensure you are armed with enough information to make a decision on any offer that may result from the interview.

Remember that your achievements to date and employment experience has gotten you this job interview, so seize the opportunity to demonstrate how and what you can offer the company and just be yourself!