Your Next Job: What does it really pay?

Compensation will be a key factor in your decision whether to accept a new position. However, few people take the time to really understand their economic choices, mostly because there are so many hidden factors, such as cost of living, benefits, and so forth. To help you put your choices into perspective, use the following guide to evaluate your prospective compensation package with what you’re currently earning.

Position Compensation Guide

Directions: Compare the economics of the old and new job.

Element to Consider Old Job New Job
Base salary
Bonus, commissions
Additional perks
Profit sharing potential
Value of stock or equity
Other expenses (specify)
Reimbursed expenses
Cost of living differences
Moving expenses
Travel expenses
Annual leave
Difference (+/-)

Regardless of where compensation ranks on your list of priorities, it’s a good idea to know what you may be getting into when faced with a career decision. This will help you establish your bottom line.

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